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Double Portion Blessing!

There's a Double Portion Coming to YOU

Has the enemy tried to rob or steal anything from you? Have you felt resistance in the spirit or an attack coming against you? GET READY! In this prophetic message I teach you how God is going to restore double to you. Double health, double strength, double joy, double provision, double peace, double faith & double anointing!

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God's Unstoppable Breakthrough

Nothing Can Stop God's Blessing from You!

God is going to give you a divine perspective change. Some mountains move by speaking to them. Others move by going higher than them! There is an unstoppable blessing and breakthrough coming your way. And the devil can't do anything about it!

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Learn to Live Out of the THIRD HEAVEN!

29 May 2021

I would spend all my time fighting territorial spirits, principalities and demonic entities. As a young person I had a very intuitive, discerning spirit. Because of that I could feel everything in the spirit realm. I lived under a constant sense of spiritual warfare. I was always having to rebuke oppression off of myself. This battle became very wearisome. I was operating in a genuine gift of discernment, but my focus had become so demonic that I lived in constant spiritual warfare.

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