It’s Matt’s Birthday! Celebrate with Rescue1!

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Help Celebrate Matt's Birthday - July 9th!

In honor of Matt's birthday, MSM would love to sow a gift to our rescued children in India. We have 150 precious girls and boys that have been rescued from sex-slavery and abandonment on the streets.

The children desperately need mattresses to sleep on so they don’t have to sleep on the floor.

They are also in need of new school supplies for the new school year.

You can sow in the following ways:

New Mattress: $30

Books: $20

School Uniform: $15

School Bag: $10

School shoes: $10

Current Need: $55 per child for educational needs.

Total Need - $8,250

We only need 150 people to give a $55 donation.

Donations for Rescue1 Children

Click Here to Donate $30 for a New Mattress


Click Here to Donate $30 for Books for a Child


Click Here to Donate $15 for a School Uniform


Click Here to Donate $10 for a new School Bag


Click Here to Donate $10 for new School Shoes


Education Donation - Click Here to Donate $55 for a Complete Education Donation - includes books, uniform, school bag, and shoes.


Click Here to Donate $85 for a Complete Education Donation and a New Mattress.

Thank you from our Rescue1 Children!

“We are living together as one big family at the Rescue1 home. We live for one another and we have no fear because there are many people who love us and take care of us. Thank you for your support and for giving us hope.”


“I was orphaned and an outcast because I had HIV AIDS. But when I was taken to live in the Rescue1 home, I was taken care of and loved. I want to thank you for loving me and for caring for me. I am so happy now. I know that there is someone who loves me.”



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