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Do you long for a community that is saturated in the glory, filled with the Holy Spirit, hungry for God's presence & word and desires to be equipped in God's abundant grace & power?

Then Glory Life eChurch is for YOU!

Join us Sept 11, Friday night at 8pm EST for our official launch online. 

It's going to be an amazing night in God's glory!

I'll be preaching, prophesying, praying for everyone, welcoming the Holy Spirit into YOUR home and casting vision for the eChurch.

NOW is the time to live in God's GLORY LIFE

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Glory Life Church

eChurch in the Glory with a Prophetic Edge

A Spirit-Filled Online Church Experience
led by Pastors & Prophetic Leaders, Matt & Stephanie Sorger

Enjoy the Community & Ministry Benefits



To raise up and disciple radical lovers of Jesus who know who they are in Christ, who live an abundant, whole, healed and free life, and who are empowered to give that life away to others.

Glory Life Church is a growing online community. Join us EACH WEEK to be encouraged, empowered and filled afresh with God’s Spirit.


Friday night LIVE at 8pm EST

Live Replays will occur throughout the week.


On ALL Matt’s social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Periscope.






-  Anointed preaching/teaching by Matt Sorger

-  Prayer Ministry for all in attendance

-  The freedom and moving of the Holy Spirit

-  God’s tangible presence and glory


Glory Life Church also has a MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY. If you feel God is leading you to our community and you want to make us your church, we welcome you to our family.

Members have the ability to join in deeper relationship with Pastors Matt and Stephanie and with one another. This will be facilitated several ways:

1. Deeper Connection and Relationship - We will have a private Facebook Group where members can receive weekly inspiration from Matt and Stephanie and from one another. We will encourage one another and pray for each other. 

2. Anointed Pastoring & Worship Experience - Be encouraged by Glory Life's international team of pastors and worship leaders. Each week in our Facebook Church group page we will offer anointed devotionals from our team of pastors. You will be able to receive personal encouragement and prayer. We will also have special times of worship together with anointed worship leaders from around the world. Each month will feature a fresh, anointed sound of worship. God’s glory will fill your home as you join in. This is exclusive for church members.

2. Video Zoom Connects - We will also host a monthly Zoom video meeting where members can interact with Matt & Stephanie and receive encouragement from the word and prayer ministry. There will be meet and greet times and we will have the ability to personally meet you and know your face and name. 

3. Giving - As a member you will have the opportunity to sow into Glory Life Church & its community and outreach, as you would a home church. You can give a recurring donation on a weekly or monthly basis. We ask all members to pray and ask God what you should sow into the work of the ministry. God blesses sowing into the spiritual storehouse.

4. Missions - As part of our church outreach we will be rescuing and supporting trafficked children around the world. Through our tithes and offerings Glory Life Church will fund and support rescued children.

5. Ministry Opportunity - As the church grows there will be opportunity for you to minister in several capacities. We will raise up intercessors, a ministry prayer team, a healing team, and more. If you are interested in being involved please let us know.

When you become a MEMBER of Glory Life Church you will be given access to our private online church community, monthly interactive zoom calls & ministry opportunities.



1. THE WORD OF GOD: Honor and live by the word of God. Be a people who know the word and have our hearts and minds saturated with biblical truth.

2. GODLY PRIORITIES: God first, then family, then ministry.

3. HONOR: Cultivate a spirit of honor within the church. Respect, value and love each other. Honor differences within the greater Body of Christ and choose to be those who unite and exhort, rather than divide and tear down.

4. FRUIT & GIFTS: Cultivate both the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.

5. INTIMACY: Seek to cultivate close, intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Honor and value the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Always welcome and invite the moving of the Holy Spirit into our lives and gatherings.

6. PRAYER: Stay connected to the vine, Jesus, through a life of prayer. Prayer is more than an activity, it is a lifestyle and a position of the heart.

7. UNITY: Pray for one another. Encourage one another. Serve one another. Speak life over one another.

8. FORGIVE: Walk in love and forgiveness and overcome offense when it tries to sneak in.

9. LOVE is our greatest aim and goal. Love God, love people.

10. WORSHIP: Give to God the worship due Him. Pour out our love to God in pure worship that is in Spirit and truth.

11. CHRISTLIKENESS: Seek to be Christlike and depend on the Holy Spirit for strength and grace to live how God calls us to live. Seek to live a holy life, consecrated and set apart to God.

12. CONFESSION & REPENTANCE: When you confess your sins to God He is faithful and just to forgive your sin. Live a life where you confess any sin that you are convicted of and keep a clear heart before God. Turn away from sin and live fully for God.

13. GRACE: Come boldly to the throne of grace to receive God’s help right when you need it.

14. EVANGELIZE: Share your faith with others through action and words. Let your light shine through the life you live and share Jesus with others God brings you to.

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