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Dear Friends & Partners,

I wanted to take some time to share some personal as well as ministry updates with you. As we move into 2014 I am very excited for what this year will bring.

2013 was probably my most active and fruitful year yet out of eleven years of full time prophetic, healing and teaching ministry. With over 10 international trips taken last year we saw multitudes touched across the globe by God’s presence and power.

As we transition into 2014 God has spoken to me that this year will be a year of the manifest goodness of God in the lives of His people. He is setting a banqueting table before you in the presence of your enemies. Great blessing and goodness will overtake your life this year. I am praying this for all of my monthly Power Partners.

You all mean so much to me. Your amazing faithfulness and commitment to seeing the power and presence of God transform lives touches my heart every day. I am constantly thanking God for you and praying His divine covering, protection, provision, healing, breakthrough, deliverance, transformation and empowerment in each of your lives.

As we prepare for 2014 my itinerant travel schedule is in full swing. It was an honor and privilege to open the year up with Chuck Pierce in Texas at his yearly Starting the Year Off Right Conference. It was also amazing to partake of the other ministries involved including Apostle Barbara Yoder.

Barbara Yoder, along with Joshua Mills will be joining MSM in New York in May for our annual Glory Carriers Conference. I already know it’s going to be an explosive time! In the past we have hosted three conferences a year in Long Island, NY. Last year I sensed the Lord bringing a shift and felt in my heart he was going to take the MSM conferences and bring them to different parts of the country. Our usual conference times were January with our New Year prophetic conference, April with our Glory Conference, and September with our Prophetic Conference.

We are continuing to host our Springtime conference in New York. However this year our January New Year conference is being held in Washington DC where I will be joined by Joshua Mills and David Herzog. Our Fall Prophetic conference will be in North Carolina with Stacey Campbell. So while the locations of some of our conferences may have shifted, we are moving ahead full steam seeing God pour out His glory in different parts of the United States.

This year I will be personally traveling on at least ten international trips around the globe. The purpose of these international gatherings will be to empower the body of Christ with a fresh infusion of God’s presence and power as well as seeing the lost saved and the sick and oppressed healed and set free. We always invite the Holy Spirit into each gathering so He can have His way in people’s lives.

MSM is also actively involved in mercy missions by feeding and caring for orphaned children in Africa. We are drilling water wells in Africa and seeing entire communities come to faith in Christ through these humanitarian and evangelistic outreaches. We feed the poor and support evangelism in Israel as well as the house of prayer. MSM carries a strong missions mandate to reach the poor of the earth. Your monthly partnership enables us to reach lives on this level.

Our television outreach, Power for Life, is going strong and advancing in the world. Power for Life airs in over 200 nations across the earth. I am constantly receiving testimonies from people as I travel nationally and internationally how the TV show is impacting their lives on a weekly basis. As we move into 2014 we have made an important shift in our airing on GodTV. We have moved from Monday mornings at 9am EST to Wednesday nights at 6pm EST. We are also currently airing on Saturday nights at 6pm EST as well on God TV. Please be aware of these changes to you can tune in and receive the word God has for you each week.

So in addition to my full time itinerant travel schedule, MSM is advancing the Kingdom forward through our regional conferences, our missions outreaches to the poor and our global television ministry. You are sowing into good ground. And you will reap the harvest.

I want to also take the time to share with you some very wonderful personal news. As my partners in ministry it is so important that you feel included in this journey and share it with me. That means a lot to me. For the last 19 years of my life I have given myself fully to pursuing my relationship with God and the call He has on me. I have given myself fully to my travel ministry and in the process have seen amazing miracles and beautiful transformations take place in people’s lives. Many years ago the Lord spoke to me that after He finished building the foundation of my ministry, He would bring me my wife.

Well that time has come. In December of 2012 while ministering in the field with Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique, Africa I met an amazing woman of God. Her name is Stephanie and she is beautiful on the inside and out. With a heart for God and a heart for people, God has joined us together and I asked Stephanie to take my hand in marriage on Christmas Eve 2013.

In dedication to God I have kept myself pure, holy and consecrated my entire life. God’s grace has been amazingly sufficient during my single years. I am now looking forward to my season of marriage and serving God with a wife and eventually a family.

Everything God has done in and through MSM up until this point has been part of the solid foundation He was building. As I move into a new season of marriage I believe our best and most glorious years are ahead. I believe now we will see even greater things built upon the foundation of character, integrity, intimacy with God and the honor of Holy Spirit’s presence.

And so many of you have faithfully stood and partnered with me during these past eleven years of ministry. I am so grateful and honored to call you my ministry partner. I am looking forward to the many years ahead we will have together to impact this world with the love, power and presence of God.

The time is short. We must labor and work while it is still day. There are many lives to reach, many souls to save, many sick to see healed and many oppressed to see set free. Together we will continue to make an even greater impact on this world.

You are my faithful partner in ministry. And together we will see greater miracles happen.

Thank you so much for your prayers and continued financial support during this amazing and wonderful season here at MSM. We are impacting this world together!

Love in Him,

PS. I will keep you updated on the wedding news as that time approaches. Please visit my Facebook page Matt Sorger to stay in touch with my personal daily and weekly updates and to see my new fiancé Stephanie! I know you will love her! I am so excited for each one of you to meet her. Love you all!


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