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The Year of Establishing the New
by Matt Sorger

1. God is establishing believers in their true identity. More than ever people will know who they are in Christ and the lies and influence of the evil one over them will be fully broken as they walk in the fullness of their identity. Eph 2:5-10

2. Believers will understand their divine DNA in Christ. They will operate and live from resurrection power and truly be partakers of God’s divine nature. The reality of what it means to be crucified with Christ will be made alive in their hearts and issues of self will be dealt with. This death will bring great freedom. People will be established in their freedom and breakthrough. Rom 6:5-7; 2 Pet 1:4

3. Believers will utilize the keys of the Kingdom. They will know how to rule from a heavenly place. They will know what has been accomplished for them by Christ and they will enforce what has been established in heaven, here on earth. A passive spirit will be broken as people actively engage and establish what has already been accomplished for them in the work of Christ on the cross. Mt 16:19; Mt 6:10; Eph 2:6

4. Christians will utilize their authority in prayer and see shifts take place in the spirit. A rising up will occur within the spirit and the enemy’s tactics and strategies will be put to nothing. Breakthroughs and restoration will come to families. Mt 16:19

5. A new wineskin will be established. This is a year of not only letting go of the old season, but being established in the new. Dreams and visions will take fruition as people add action to their faith and new things will be birthed and established. Luke 5:37-39; James 2:17

6. New creative ideas and strategies will be given by the Holy Spirit. God is breaking the mold of the past season. God is breaking people out of the box they’ve been in. He’s forming a new mold, a new wineskin. Luke 5:27-39; 1 Cor 2:16

7. There will be shifts in people’s lives as they are anointed by God not only for ministry activities but also new business activities. God is anointing people with fresh oil. Psa 92:10

8. God is going to cause His people to operate from a position of rest in Him. Less activity will produce even greater fruitfulness. People won’t be “busy”. They will be “fruitfully active”. Believers will accomplish more with less. Mt 11:28-29; Jn 15:5

9. Believers will become more aware and conscious of guarding the gates of their life. Little compromises will be dealt with and doors will be shut on the enemy. This will bring greater freedom, anointing and power. Mt 6:22-23

10. As God is creating a fresh wineskin in His church, centers will continue to grow and emerge and establish the Kingdom of God in regions, territories and in people’s lives. People will become “walking revival wells”. Jn 5:3-4

11. Ministers will begin to step into fathering roles with mentoring, impartation, equipping and releasing others into their calling, purpose and destiny. 1 Cor 4:15

12. 2016 will be a year of the WOW. God will shock His people with His goodness and shock through His people.

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