Prophetic word given by Matt Sorger on Yom Kippur 2013

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“I’m causing doors to close and I’m opening up a new door in front of you. A door of freedom, healing, wholeness, liberty, joy, and glory. Holy Spirit is healing spiritual arthritis that would make the Body stiff and unable to move. A fresh oil that will bring a movement back into the Body of Christ. God is healing the stiffness in the Body of Christ. He will cause the Body to go where never gone before.

I saw a vision of a body crawling, then standing, then walking, then a child running, then growing and flying. Mount up and soar with wings like an eagle. My body will not crawl around forever. I’m causing you to arise and walk, run and fly like never before. Even in the progression of man kind, where man traveled on foot, then horse drawn carriage, then automobile, then plane and then space shuttle so the Lord is causing the body to go from crawling to flying. From glory to glory. It’s a corporate progression of a maturity within the Body. Body of Christ begin to fly and go into new frontiers that no one has discovered before. I have put a creative spirit on the inside of you. That’s My creativity.

I will anoint and empower the creativity that I’ve put within you. I will anoint you and enable you to do what no one has ever done before and to go where no one has gone before. Get ready. I’m about to break you outside of the boxes that have brought conformity into My people. Even in this hour I’m breaking the box of conformity. I’m about to color outside of the lines. People would stay “Stay in the lines, stay in the lines!” God says I’m moving outside of the lines. I’m going to paint a new picture. It’s going to be outside of the lines, not inside the lines.

Get ready to move with Me. Get ready to step out of the confine of your boat. Get ready to step out of the line of your comfort zone. I going to bring you out onto the water. Each step will require faith. The Lord says keep your eyes fixed on Me. Don’t look at the waves. The enemy comes to stir up the water and the waves. Look at Me. As long as you look at Me you will be upon the waves. The enemy comes to stir up strife around you. Don’t focus on that strife, focus on Me. When the enemy comes to stir up fear and unbelief around you don’t focus on that fear and unbelief focus on me. And you will be unhindered and unrestricted.

Keep your eyes fixed on Me. You will move with Me. You will walk, run and fly with Me.  I’m giving you the key that will enable you to fly with Me. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and not on the things that would easily distract you. You will fly with Me. You will have the faith that will move mountains. You will have the faith that will walk on water. It comes from where you look.”


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