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Rescue1 Philippines

New Expansion Update!

We are really excited to share with you this month some big news! Rescue1 has expanded into the Philippines! Children have been rescued and we are trusting God for the sponsors to help maintain their safety. Our goal is to have 65 new sponsors for our Philippine girls by November 1, 2017. Would you pray and believe with us?

Our girls have been rescued out of severe sex-trafficking situations including child pornography rings and forced prostitution. There is an estimated 475,000 women and girls in the sex trade in the Philippines today. It has been rated a Tier 1 watch list nation for human trafficking by the US State Department. The UN estimates 100,000 children in the Philippines are trafficked into the sex trade each year. The Philippines Social Welfare Department says the annual increase of prostituted children is 3,266!

Rescue1 has teamed up with an organization on the ground to provide monthly sponsors for children that are being rescued. We work in partnership with Unlikely Heroes, an organization rescuing sex-trafficked children in the Philippines. The children in our care range from 5-21 years old. The home is a full care facility providing housing, safety, food, medical care, education, and therapy.

Not only are our children relocated and kept safe in our Rescue1 home, but they also receive excellent counseling to help them recover from the trauma they have experienced. Some girls are even able to be reunited with families they were taken from. But for those that don't have families to go back to, they live under our care. And our MONTHLY PARTNERS AND SPONSORS make that happen. Thank you!

Kala’s Rescue Story - the Philippines

Sold into slavery from the time she was only 8 years old, Kala was kidnapped and forced to live in a pig pen. She was routinely raped and sold for money by a gang of traffickers. One of our young girls, who was rescued a few months earlier and living in the safety of our home, alerted our team to Kala’s captivity. She and Kala had both been trafficked together, and she refused to leave Kala behind. Our team on the ground sprang into action and rescued her just a few days shy of her 12th birthday. We were able to celebrate her birthday, her freedom, and her new life now that she is safe. Kala needs your support as she begins her life of freedom and endless possibilities.

Would you help Kala and girls just like her today?

We need 65 sponsors by November 1 to keep Kala and other girls safe from sex-traffickers. They need your help.



Rescue1 has a brand new website!


It is full of information regarding our Rescue1 outreach. It has rescue stories, statistics, updates on our outreaches in India and Philippines, ways to sponsor and even information of becoming a Rescue1 Ambassador. You can mobilize your sphere of influence to see more children rescued from sex-trafficking!


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