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In reading Matt Sorger’s book, I’ve never heard such powerful revelation about going over the wall of impossibilities in your life! It’s BIBLICAL, UNSTOPPABLE and WORKS! Get back in the game! Your best is yet to come! Sid Roth

God’s Unstoppable Breakthroughby Matt Sorger is a timely message. Every challenge you face in life can potentially turn into your greatest blessing. Matt shares testimony and revelation that will help you position yourself for sustained breakthrough in any situation. I recommend this book! Patricia King


There are unstoppable breakthroughs coming to your life because, as a believer, you belong to an unstoppable God. He is bringing you:

Unstoppable love
Unstoppable grace
Unstoppable restoration
Unstoppable healing
Unstoppable provision
Unstoppable promotion
Unstoppable victory
Unstoppable growth
Unstoppable freedom
Unstoppable abundance
Unstoppable favor
Unstoppable destiny

No matter what difficulties and pain you have walked through in life, or are currently walking through, you don’t have to remain a victim. You can thrive in the future that God has for you. The reality is that there are some things in our lives we can’t fix in our own power. Only our all-powerful God can bring the freedom, healing, and provision we need to experience breakthrough. Wherever God’s presence and glory are found, all limitations fall away and all hindrances are removed.

There are times when breakthrough is instant and dramatic. I love those types of breakthroughs! I’ve experienced them many times, and I encourage you to believe God for them. But I’ve also discovered that some times breakthrough doesn’t look like that. When you call to God for help, He won’t always immediately change your situation. This doesn’t mean He’s not working. It doesn’t mean He’s not moving in your life.

There are times when God doesn’t deliver you out of something but instead takes you through it as He sustains and strengthens you. When He brings you through, you come out on the other side filled with more Christlikeness, more faith, more love, more humility, more holiness, more vision, more authority, and more power. You will no longer be beaten down and broken, but your inner spirit will be restored and made strong to move forward in His eternal purposes.

In whatever way God chooses to perform His will and bring our break through, it is irresistible.

No power that rises against it can hinder it. No force that resists it can overcome it.

No failure on our part can cancel it.

No plan of the enemy can stop it.

When you understand that you serve a God whose promises and purposes will all be fulfilled—and who loves you deeply—then you can step into the stream of His unstoppable life and experience all the blessings He has for you.

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Where we live, the breakthroughs people need are extreme — there is hunger, poverty, illness, and despair. The victories of heaven’s Kingdom are always greater than anything else in this world, and last forever — beyond any trial or tribulation! Let our anointed friend Matt Sorger fill you with encouragement in this truth, which we have trusted on each and every day of ministry for thirty years. Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D.

Matt Sorger is a part of the New Breed of Revivalist who do not labor for a Breakthrough that is someday going to come, but he is among those who Proclaim the Breakthrough is already here because of the completed work of the Cross of Christ Jesus! I know Matt, his family and ministry well. It is my honor to commend to you not only his message but the messenger as well. James W Goll

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