Urgent Need - A Sex-Trafficked Child Rescued

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There are 1.8 million child prostitutes in India. It’s pandemic! Sex traffickers target these girls and sell them into brothels in the red light districts of Mumbai and Delhi.

Our goal in 2016 is to rescue 300 children from sex-slavery and abandonment in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Goal: 300 Children Rescued in 2016.

Action: 300 Sponsors at $50 a Month.

What's Achieved: 300 children from the age of 4-18 rescued from sex-slavery & abandonment.

For $50 a month each child directly receives:

  • a home
  • food
  • clothing
  • medical attention
  • education
  • vocational training

We have 100 children already rescued. But only 25 sponsors! We need 75 new sponsors to care for the other 75 children already in our care. Our trusted team is working hard on the ground in India to care for these children. The need is immediate and urgent.

You can adopt and care for a rescued child now. It only takes ONE to RESCUE 1.

CLICK HERE to sponsor and care for a rescued child now!

Each sponsor will receive the name & photo of the child they have specifically rescued & are caring for on a monthly basis. Thank you for responding today and becoming a solution to this global problem. Together we can rescue these children. For full details on Rescue1, please CLICK HERE.

With Love & Sincere Appreciation,

Matt and Stephanie Sorger


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