What an amazing season we are in!

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Walking With A Dangerous Shadow

You can have a dangerous shadow! When you walk into a room, God can walk in with you. In this teaching, I talk about how to cultivate God’s presence in your life in a way that will shock others around you.

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What an amazing season we are in!

People are so hungry for God and He is pouring into them and filling that hunger!

We are truly seeing a fresh wind of God blowing. Recently I ministered at Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, TX. I had some special time with Dennis and Ginger Lindsey, the leaders of the school that was founded by their father Gordon Lindsey from the Voice of Healing Outpouring.

I spent the week with the student body of nearly 1,000 hungry next generation leaders from around the world. I ministered on aspects of walking in Spirit empowered ministry and living a life saturated with the Holy Spirit. In each service the altars were full of students calling out to God. The presence of God was so strong that students lingered for an hour at the altar after service was over. The Dean of Students told me they had not seen the chapel services extended like this in a long time.

As God’s presence swept over the student body, many were being filled to overflowing with God’s presence and power. I released several prophetic words over the students as God confirmed the call and anointing on them.

One young man grabbed me in the foyer after service and told me he had never been touched by the Holy Spirit like this before.

As he was standing near his seat the presence of God came upon him causing him to fall to the floor. No one laid hands on him. But God did!

While in Texas I also visited Kenneth Copeland Ministries and appeared on a television broadcast on the Kenneth Copeland Television Network. It was an honor to visit with staff there and share about the Spirit empowered life.

It’s because of your partnership that we are able to pour into next generation leaders to see the globe impacted with God’s glory and love. I am praying for you today. I am making a decree of God’s favor over you. In fact, let’s all pray this together as a Partner Family. Decree it for yourself and for all the Partners of MSM.

Today I decree that I am covered under the blood of Jesus Christ. God’s hand of favor and grace is upon me. My steps are ordered by God and my feet will land in pleasant places. I decree that doors of favor and opportunity will open before me and I will be blessed above and beyond anything I can ask for or imagine. I thank God for His blessings and I pray and decree this over myself and over the entire MSM Partner Family. In Jesus name!

New Mentoring E-Course - Glory Carriers!

I am very excited about a new mentoring e-course I’m going to be doing starting in May. It’s going to be called Glory Carriers! It will consist of 6 Master Classes on how to carry the tangible glory of God on your life. It will also be LIVE and INTERACTIVE. You will be able to chat with other members of the course during video sessions. We will also have prayer times together and a bonus Question and Answer time. I’m going to be giving all of our partners and sponsors a special discount. I encourage you to register early to secure your place. It’s going to be amazing. Especially with the fresh fire God has been pouring out!

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Partner Testimony

I feel so blessed to be a partner in MSM. I am a sole parent with 4 children who was miraculously healed of neck problems during the praise (before you even spoke!) at a conference in Sydney, Australia. The more I praise the more He heals - so much so that I happily slid down a water slide at the local theme park with my kids a week ago! I haven’t been to physiotherapy since that conference and have paid the equivalent to your ministries ever since. What seemed like a big sacrifice has been an incredible blessing. Thanks for the prayers – I have noticed a shift in my life. Last year was a great year for me financially too – I managed to save up for a new car and have some spare to go to Africa. This is all on a teacher’s salary!

~ Louise, Sydney, Australia


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