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Freedom from Depression

Got the Job!

Surgery Prayer

Streams of Revival


Don’t Play This in Your Car!

Post-Election Word

More Raves for Power for Life

No Limits Conference:  Physical Healing

Healing:  Deliverance

Clean and Free

Marriage of the Apostolic and Prophetic

Delivered from Mental Bondage

Title:  Delivered from Uterine Pain and Oppression

Healing From Arthritis In Foot

Abused Women Set Free

Healed from Bone Pain

Healed From Deafness In Right Ear

Healed of Fibromayalgia

Depression Healed

Healing:  Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder

Delivered From Emotional Bondage


Beginning of Life at Mid-Life!

God is Shaking it All!


Saw Matt on God TV

Spread the Fire to India


Wakes Up to Matt Sorger


Witness in the Military

You Tube Questions Answered

No More Fear!!

Arthritis Healing

Healed from Tendonitis


Good Preaching, Matt

MSM Partner Gets Spiritual Lift


Arthritis in foot healed

Deaf Ear Open

Healed of spine pain

Stiff Neck for 10 Years Healed

Tennis Elbow Healed

Power for Life

Hungry for more of God

Let it spread!

My daughter healed

Thank you

Your ministry is such a blessing

Can breathe through nose

Can move and breathe deeply

Cystic bladder pain gone

Effects of stroke lessened

Environmental illness touched by God

Goiter swelling down

Migraine headache healed

Rotator Cuff healed

Rotator cuff pain leaves

Severe back pain healed

Wrist bones moves

Elbow healed

Owen Sound

Believing for a baby

Can now jump and run

Emotional freedom

Eyesight better

Eyesight improved

Healed of intestinal bacterial infection

heavy weight of Glory continues

I feel like a new creature

My head is pain free

No more spondylosis

Rotator cuff healed

Spine is healed

Weight loss

Absolutely powerful

Best Experience

Stepping out in faith

Clouded hearing healed

Felt cysts remove

Healed of Arthritis

Healed of Bronchial Asthma

Mightily touched by God

Sciatic nerve healed

Swelling gone

Husband completely set free!!!

The Lord always provide!

Healed in my ankles

Healed of knee pain

Able to breathe clear

Able to move much better

Abused Women Set Free/ Religious Spirit Set Free

An encounter with God

Anointing coming through Internet

Arthritis healed

Astma gone

Broken shoulder healed

Chronic fatigue gone

Flat feet healed

God sold my house!!

Healed of frost bites

Healed of hemroids

Heel spur healed

Infirtility and sterility healed

Lump dissappeared

Nasal passages opened

Neurolgia pain gone

No more contact lenses

Numbness in leg gone

Released From Opression

Reproductive area healed

Rotator cuffs healed

Started walking

Tailbone - lower pack pain gone

Tendonitis gone

Touched by his Glory

Wisdom tooth growing

Thank you for being a pure channel

Can Breathe again

Back completely healed

Back problems healed

Depression gone

ear opened

Healed Heart

Healing from Shoulder pain

No More Pain!

Can now hear

Deeper love for Him

Healed from Confusion

Healed from Partial Seizures

Healed from Stomach, Digestive Problems & Bulimia

Healed of Bone Spur

Healed of Deafness

Healed of Polyp on Knee

Healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Various Healings

Thank you for being vessels!

The weight of Gods Glory!

Your preaching ministry is outstanding!

The depression is gone!

My spirit was so hungry!

Honduras Team

Fear left me!

More of the Holy Spirit

Blurred Vision and Glaucoma Healed

Healed of Herniated Disc

Delivered of Deceptive Spirit &  Muscle in Shoulder Healed

Delivered of Tormenting Spirit

Disc Healed

Healed of Arthritis & Delivered of Addiction

Healed of Depression & Pulled Tendon

Healed of Fibromyalgia & Depression

Healed of Pain in Tail Bone

Felt the power of th Holy Ghost

Back Pain Healed

Bladder Healed

Healed of cyst in the chest

Healing of Mind

Mouth Infection Healed

Thank you for still being real!

An instrument in our Father’s hand

Especially dear to me

Fresh manna

God is getting ready to shake things

God is restoring the years the locust ate - addition

I love, love, love this word!

It nourised my heart

Really helpful to me

So right on!

Solid Word

Thank you for the word

Thank you so much

You’re right on track

Sends me fresh water

The anointing coming through internet

Enjoyed the meeting

What an awesome God we serve

Deeply encouraged

Great TV Program!

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