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I'm a glory-carrier!

March 4th, 2020

I'm a glory-carrier! I listen to your tapes--and I felt that after that some things started to happen in the Spirit--when I sang. There will be a shift...Thank you. I am in desperate need of mentoring to understand how to be established and get to do what I am created to do. Been following you since 2013--NY state meeting.

Letty M'Kaddesh

Leominster-Natick, MA
Category: Impartation

Throne of Grace

May 30th, 2018

Healed and free from pain, evil spirits attacking me and soul healing at ignited in Lakeland may, very thankful. God the breaker uncovering things and explaining what's been going on in my life, cleansing and breaking me through so I can get to door of inheritance he has sat in place for me. Letting go and letting God! Grace, Grace every mountain is becoming a plain. I am filled with grace and fresh new green oil! He has shut the lions mouth, set me ablaze with his fire Love, sent Angel to get me!


Lake wales, FL
Categories: Healing , Impartation , Restoration

Look Again

February 7th, 2018

7 years ago Matt wrote the book Power for Life and he signed my copy. I wanted to let him know that the Lord is restoring my family and restoring our worship as well. As he pulled me out and prayed for me in two different churches, I want to give testimony that what he prayed over me is becoming fulfilled at NB church and once again I'm reading the words of his book as the Lord has led me.

Glenn Cohoon

Ft Worth, NY

Breaker Anointing

May 25th, 2017

Today, experiencing 5-fold ministers, realizing, trying to forgive those in my past, MAD, smartin'off, wanting to pray for them, but dry...then the anointing tonight when you declared and prayed, Jesus was right here holding me close to His heart, and when you spoke to the wound in my heart I felt His healing presence move in to the right side of my heart, His gentle touch healing me, and I'm rejoicing! Seeing Him last week, gentle Shepherd, He took my left hand and led me into breakthrough. Amen

Lucy Roberts

Houston, TX
Categories: Healing , Impartation , Restoration

Your teaching has ignited my spirit

November 28th, 2016

Dear Ps. Sorger,
Your teaching has ignited my spirit as I went through it. I never knew you but by the grace of God and came across your article and I caught the anointing from that lesson.


Category: Impartation

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