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Healing and restoration

September 16th, 2019

My daughter and me just attended Matt's meetings in Burton upon Trent. The Lord opened up a healing well and we walked through (like a fire tunnel). Someone spoke over me 'no more uncertainty' and then prayed for my daughter's mind. My daughter (who has learning difficulties) has been tormented with anxiety and confusion this year. When on holiday recently I gave her a word search and in an hour she barely marked around one word. After prayer she bought a word search book to look at while we had something to eat. In about ten minutes she completed a large word search with absolutely no difficulty!!! Glory to God! I know this is the beginning of her complete healing. Recently, I'd become so discouraged and became uncertain about if and when I was hearing from God. While Natalie was doing her word search, I was watching a young lady cleaning and heard the words 'flower girl'. I felt prompted to buy her a bouquet (there just happened to be some beautiful bouquets of roses for sale in the adjoining shop!) I went up to her and said 'I'm a Christian and I felt God wanted you to have these flowers and He called you 'flower girl' - she was blown away and said 'I can't believe it! I LOVE flowers! I've never had anything like this happen before'. We saw her again the next day and she asked me what it all meant and I said 'I just think the God who created you wants you to know that He knows you and He gave you a love of flowers. Maybe you'll decide to work with flowers or do flower arranging in the future.' She gave me another hug, and I just felt incredibly blessed and privileged to have played a small part in her journey. I had 2 more opportunities on our journey home and know that Holy Spirit is leading me and guiding me and it IS His voice that prompts me, praise the Lord. We're beginning to see breakthroughs and I've now enrolled on your Mentoring course, all glory to God! Thank you so much Matt for your ministry, your honesty and your humble service to our amazing Lord, I'm eternally grateful to have been connected with you. I first saw you many years ago at Elim church in Cheltenham and have had the honour and privilege of watching God develop and expand your ministry (and now your beautiful family too!) What a mighty God we serve! Please agree with my prayers for total healing and deliverance for my whole family now (as I willingly do my part) and especially for Natalie to become whole. God bless you, love Stella (Dyer) xxx

Stella Dyer

Cheltenham, UK, Outside U.S.

Multiple Miracle(s)

December 25th, 2018

Stroke victim, many afflictions before stroke. After stroke, NO Rheumitoid Arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sinusitus, Hyper-thyroidism, NO heating pad everynight.

Kim Morrow

Alliance, OH
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Laughing Hysterically

November 16th, 2018

So we had a couple interesting days. Rob and I went to Matt Sorger on Friday. While we were there we purchased some of his cds and MP3 podcast! The soaking healing cd is always for Gracie’s room to be played 24-7 in her room. For a year she has been listening to Katie Souza then Joshua Mills for a couple weeks now! When we got home I went in and put the cd in! I always get so excited to see new changes in her and there always is some changes! Well Saturday I opened her door to her room and as I walk in her room I almost get knocked on my fanny with the most amazing Holy Spirit presence. It was a thick haze at first, I thought my glasses were dirty lol. I was talking to Gracie as I was getting her out of her bed and she is laughing so hard from the gut so I get her to stand up a couple times as she was continuing to fall over laughing hysterically! She was rubbing her eyes and then she is squinting then more rubbing her eyes continuing to laugh as her eyes focused in the corner of the room! Let me say this is HUGE!

Things are changing with her it’s hard to put into words what exactly is going on but God is doing his mighty work in her everyday. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Gracie.

Category: Healing

Throne of Grace

May 30th, 2018

Healed and free from pain, evil spirits attacking me and soul healing at ignited in Lakeland may, very thankful. God the breaker uncovering things and explaining what's been going on in my life, cleansing and breaking me through so I can get to door of inheritance he has sat in place for me. Letting go and letting God! Grace, Grace every mountain is becoming a plain. I am filled with grace and fresh new green oil! He has shut the lions mouth, set me ablaze with his fire Love, sent Angel to get me!


Lake wales, FL
Categories: Healing , Impartation , Restoration

Healed from Head to Toe

May 24th, 2018

I wanted to share my healing testimony from being in Matt’s meetings in Lakeland Fl at Ignited Church.

Weeks before the meeting I knew God would heal my body if I could get to Matt’s meeting. I drove over 400 miles with my husband and our 2 small children to be there.

Sunday morning Pastor Jan at Ignited church talked with me and learned I was healed of sciatic nerve pain in 2015 in one of Matt’s meetings and I was there today in her church to receive healing after a car accident I was in.

During the Sunday morning service, Matt stopped and said, there is someone here that was healed but is now having pain again, stand up. So I stood up and then he asked me to come forward.

He began to pray and prophesy over me at the front and the power of God hit me and I felt electricity in my body. God completely healed me of all neck, spine, shoulder, back, arm, hip and leg pain I had been carrying .

Praise the Lord! God is so good!

Very grateful for MSM and what they are doing for the kingdom of God smile


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