Testimonies Archive


God is a God of Breakthroughs!

Glory of God spoken over me

Encouragement from Partner prayer message sent from Matt

God Moments


Thank You

Amazing touch of God

I can sleep now

Thank You

Night Blindness

Thank You

Answered Prayer

Learning how to remain in worship

Joe’s testimony

Making whole

Someone For Today

Thanks to the Lord and His Servant

Inspired, Touched, and Awakened

I am Free


A Gift To Treasure From God

Perfect Timing

Saved to Jesus & Healed directly from Matt´s video!!

Released- walking with Christ

Impartation testimony

life changing night

Thank You for Your Teachings

God’s Goodness


Freedom from Islam

Humongously Blessed!

The Joy Chapter

Food For Thought


Neighbors healing

Transfer of anointings

Launching On The Church Channel

Mom’s Quick Recovery

Financial Blessing!

Jesus showed up in my room

Scandinavian Anointing

Was watching “Glory Warfare” on podcast

I was Transsexual .Then Jesus came into my life

Back, Neck & Female Issue Healing

Powerful Book Encounter

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