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Miraculously touched for a third time!

Fresh Touch

I felt the anointing

Rotated pelvis healing

So powerful!!

Your teaching was so fresh

Great word and huge anointing

Tangible Fire

Double for your trouble

Syrophoenician Woman


Heat flooded my body

Are You a Feeler? E-Course - So good!

Blessed and Impacted

Creating Space for God to Fill - Yielding to the Holy Spirit

Finding the Love of Your Life E-Course

Gift of Discernment

Glory Carriers

Holy Ground

I am finally beginning to experience breakthroughs

Identity in the Glory

Keeping Your Peace and Joy Amidst the Covid Crisis

Matt & Stephanie's wedding video

Matt Mentoring Program

Mentoring - I have learnt so much

Mentoring - I see the word in a brand new way

Mentoring - not everything I feel is me!

Mentoring in Established Breakthrough I

Mentoring in the Glory

Mentoring in the Glory - Gods Glory cloud filled my office

Roots of Rejection

Stewarding the Fire of Consecration

The Flame of God

The Glory Defined

The Glory Defined - Amazing!

The Glory Defined - so thankful

The Glory Defined - The Spirit of the Lord is here

The Overflow of the Glory

Ways You Receive Discernment

You Are a Walking Open Heaven

Amazing and anointed service

Just wanted to say thank you for message you put on YouTube

I am now healed totally healed

Mentoring Testimony

I wanted the real deal

Matts prophecy


I felt the anointing of God


Revival in my Spirit

Substance & Humor

God healed my heart

Perseverance under Trial

Our ministry has expanded!

2 Ways God Prunes You to Produce Better Fruit - Charisma Magazine Article

God's Amazing Love

I'm a glory-carrier!

This Month's Mentoring Video - WOW!!

Shifting from Earthly Provision to Father God's Provision

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