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Are You a Feeler? E-Course - So good!

Blessed and Impacted

Creating Space for God to Fill - Yielding to the Holy Spirit

Finding the Love of Your Life E-Course

Gift of Discernment

Glory Carriers

Holy Ground

I am finally beginning to experience breakthroughs

Identity in the Glory

Keeping Your Peace and Joy Amidst the Covid Crisis

Matt & Stephanie's wedding video

Matt Mentoring Program

Mentoring - I have learnt so much

Mentoring - I see the word in a brand new way

Mentoring - not everything I feel is me!

Mentoring in Established Breakthrough I

Mentoring in the Glory

Mentoring in the Glory - Gods Glory cloud filled my office

Roots of Rejection

Stewarding the Fire of Consecration

The Flame of God

The Glory Defined

The Glory Defined - Amazing!

The Glory Defined - so thankful

The Glory Defined - The Spirit of the Lord is here

The Overflow of the Glory

Ways You Receive Discernment

You Are a Walking Open Heaven

Amazing and anointed service

Just wanted to say thank you for message you put on YouTube

I am now healed totally healed

Mentoring Testimony

I wanted the real deal

Matts prophecy


I felt the anointing of God


Revival in my Spirit

Substance & Humor

God healed my heart

Perseverance under Trial

Our ministry has expanded!

2 Ways God Prunes You to Produce Better Fruit - Charisma Magazine Article

God's Amazing Love

I'm a glory-carrier!

This Month's Mentoring Video - WOW!!

Shifting from Earthly Provision to Father God's Provision

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