Testimonies Archive



A Bully Apologizes

Man Healed of Cancer!

A life that has truly been touched, changed, inspired, and thoroughly blessed!

A Comforting Touch

One Year Ago

God Clearly Spoke to Me

Thanks For Impacting My Life

That Night Jesus Healed Me

How God gave me my first girlfriend and later, my wife

Bringing Back A Child-Like Faith

Motivations of the Heart

No More Back Pain

No Arthroscopy


Yahweh! Holy!

Free from Fibromyalgia

I ran across the platform with no pain!

Injured Ankle

Instant Healing

L4/L5 and L5/S1

My Faith Skyrocketed

Recieving of Anointing

Inspiration for Direction

Something left me

Healed from floaters in my eye

My Friend Has Been Changed

God Healed Me Completely

Getting “Whomped”

Sparking A Revival

It Was Healed

My Back is STILL Healed

Thank you

One Miracle, Two Lives

Free of Pain

I Am A New Woman

I Can Soar With Him Again

My Left Knee Pain Is Gone

Neck Pain Is Completely Gone

Shoulder Healed in Jesus’ Name!!

The Power of God

City Transformation

Devotion to Jesus

What Seemed Like A Big Sacrifice Has Been An Incredible Blessing

His Office Was A Closet

Fully Healed

I Feel The Fire In My Belly

You Prophesied Over My Daughter

Take Off Your Grave Clothes

The End Of A Long Desert Season

Woman testifies to back being healed in the service!

Gods prophetic revelation through power for life on Godtv

Name it

So blessed at Holy Spirit Over Metro DC

Full Circle

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