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Dreams of Rescuing Children

November 21st, 2019

Dear Matt, I've been wanting to get back in with you partnering after my move, had to buy 4 cars in the past year (2 wrecked) and had to pay back employer for overpaying me, which I had used for one of the cars. They were inconsistent with repayment deductions and this caused some problems, too. Also insurance for my son, all added up. So from May to now I was in dire straits, but now fully recovered!!! So thank you for your prayers and patience. I re-enrolled with 2 children and monthly partnership today!!! Now, for what the LORD has been showing me...Dream earlier this week, I somehow was somewhere where you do Rescue and there were 2 infants in my care, Mexican I believe, and one was healthy and one was injured. I was in a tent and I went to pick up the injured one and I could tell that he was in really bad shape. As I picked him up the only thing I could think to do was to try to nurse him (I had nursed both my boys) and as I began to attempt this, he died in my arms. Then, this morning while I was on the way to work worshiping and praying in the Spirit I saw a girl, about 4-5 years old, and her beautiful smiling face and wavy light brown hair looking up at me, and she was in a literal barrel, a plastic barrel, and being kept there. I started interceding for her and have on and off all morning. And I hear the call and I cry out for these children, for them to know the loving heart of our Father for them, and to be found, rescued, saved, healed and delivered...and I could even see and pray to protect her from her captor and for her to be found...and before I was done praying I saw her standing with Jesus, in Heaven, holding her hands in His. Love and blessings to you!!!

Lucy Roberts

Houston, TX
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