Testimonies Archive



A Used CD Brings Blessing

Extreme Fatigue and Pain Healed

Healed of Pain

Answer to prayer regarding being able to prophesy

Ear healed while on Facebook!


Right On Prophecy

Healing Autism

Longing with a Desperate Heart

Money for MSM

A Hot Wind Blowing

Blessed Out of my Socks

Holy Spirit Rocks!

Many Big Things Ahead

Moving Into A New Level

Never the Same Again

Some Amazing Things

Thanks for Impacting my Life

Transformed and Healed

Divine appointment in Mossvale, southern high, ands


Free from Suicidal Thoughts

Free in my thinking

Released into the New Season with Fullness of Joy

Fresh Outpouring has ALREADY BEGUN!

Chest Pain Gone!


Pain Free

The Joy of the Lord

Healing of Trauma and Memories

Healing of Lungs

Anointed Fire

Getting Better And Better

Thank you for the prophetic word!

Shaped the Course of my Life

Baby Turned Around

In One Fell Swoop

Growing with God

Deep Hunger

The Touch My Heart And Spirit So Desperately Needed

Just One Touch

God Has Tee’d Up My Breakthrough!

Laying Down Old (Mickey) Mantle


Sleeping Soundly

Blessed Financially

Healed of Acid Reflux

Delivered from Deception

I Am Healed In Jesus Name

No Pain for the First Time in 20 Years

Full Neck Motion Restored

Power for Life

A Year of Divine Portion & Divine Favor

Constant Awareness of His Presence

A Pivotal Moment In Our Christian Walk

An Amazing Journey

Healed from Arch and Heal Pain

Prophetic Insights: Possess Double for Your Trouble!

Thank You

You Prayed for my Daughter’s Salvation

Breakthrough at Work - God Gave Me Victory

An Open Heaven

Living A Normal Life

Peace from Pain

The End of My Anxiety

God Has Restored The Light Within Me

Because of the Weighty Glory

Cancer Free!

No Bleeding!

Double Portion and Divine Favor

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